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Smart City Cluster Denmark is a Danish initiative that offers a unified framework for the many companies, research environments, cities and projects in Denmark working with the digitization of cities and local communities. We are working to bring companies and municipalities – supply and demand – closer together while helping municipalities to mature the Danish Smart City market.

The goal, shared by the vast array of skilled actors, is to create a more coordinated framework for Smart City work in Denmark. We do this by bringing together relevant actors for networking activities and knowledge sharing. Since the network’s start in 2018, more than 50 events have been held, both physically and virtually.

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The Danish smart city effort

The development of smart city technologies is an area of rapid growth and Denmark is consistently ranked among the top EU countries when it comes to digitization. The total annual turnover of smart city technologies in Denmark is estimated at 32 billion DKK, spread among more than 2,300 companies with 17,600 full-time employees.

Denmark’s growth in smart city technologies is due to the focus that has been placed on a triple helix collaboration model, ensuring innovation and experience exchange between companies, knowledge institutions and public actors. The mutual value of this collaboration has contributed to 92% of Danish municipalities indicating that they are already working with, or will work with, smart city technologies in the near future.

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